Upon entering our office you will be greeted by our staff. They have been carefully selected for their professional, cooperative and friendly attitude. In our clinical area we have fully trained cardiac nurses, a cardiac technician/ echocardiographer and medical assistants.

We believe in providing our patients with convenient and high quality medical services. We have on site, state-of-the-art, noninvasive cardiac testing equipment.

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Office Visits

We request that you make appointments for all your visits, including routine blood drawing. When you telephone for an appointment please let the receptionist know if you have a preference for a specific doctor. If he or she is not available, you will be scheduled with one of the other doctors. We all share a similar philosophy--to provide you the highest quality of care.

We know that your time is as valuable as ours and we make every effort to keep our schedule on time. Please notify us in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment.

Always bring a current list of all your medications with the exact dosages, to each office visit.

Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am-12:00noon

For directions to the office, please click here.
Telephone Calls

Our office staff will be happy to answer your questions about office policy and scheduling. For billing and insurance questions, please call 201-664-0201 x236. Medical questions will be referred to one of our experienced cardiac nurses, or one of the doctors.

Email Correspondence

Westwood Cardiology recognizes the convenience of communication via e-mail. We also realize that coordinating our patients' care is our top priority. We are glad to receive e-mail provided it is to convey non-urgent information only. For scheduling, changing or canceling appointments, to discuss your treatment plan or review laboratory or test results, please call the office and personally speak with a staff member to ensure that important information is exchanged directly. We do not want to miss an opportunity to assist you but we cannot be held responsible for any urgent issues that are sent to us via e-mail.
Non-Urgent Pharmacy Requests

Call (201) 664-0201, Option 3

It is very important that prescription medications are renewed or modified in a timely manner. We operate a 24-hour-a-day voice-mail box for our patients to leave non-urgent prescription renewal/modification requests. Prescription requests are retrieved hourly weekdays and during Saturday morning office hours. Our policy is to complete your non-urgent request by calling your pharmacy within 24 hours of the message being left. If you anticipate exhausting your supply of a particular medication during a weekend, we ask that you let us know in advance so that we can fill the prescription before the weekend begins. Please do not leave urgent messages regarding your medications on this line. Call the office and speak to a staff member.
Privacy & Security

Westwood Cardiology Associates holds all information pertaining to the care and treatment of our patients in the strictest confidence. All information in the patient's medical record is maintained with the utmost care and respect to preserve privacy and confidentiality. Westwood Cardiology fully complies with the Federal Government's mandated HIPAA requirements for patient confidentiality and privacy of healthcare information. As a new patient, you will be asked to review and acknowledge receipt of our Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practice that outlines the circumstances for which we can disclose protected health information without authorization. Only a patient can provide the authorization to release records necessary for Westwood Cardiology to disclose protected health information for instances not related to your ongoing treatment and/or payment of claims. A patient may request to view a copy of their medical record in the office. For additional information on our privacy and security practices you may call our Privacy Officer, (201) 664-0201.
Records Release Form
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practice

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